Tuesday, February 23, 2010

That Thing.

I was about to publish a post on the subject of healers getting the blame for everything that goes wrong in every group situation, ever, but then I got annoyed with myself and the amount of QQ I can pull together in a long and boring text, so I won't.

However, I do wish some of the dps-ers I've played with in the past few weeks could get into their lovely, adorable heads that sometimes higher dps is the solution, and maybe they should go read up and gear up (properly - enchant your stuff, and no 71/0/0 specs -.-) before they start nagging about wanting to try Halls of Reflection again. Bite me.

OK, off to level my shaman for a bit - strangest thing, once I specced her back into elemental, she was suddenly fun again! (Enhancement smells, and should never bother my sweet draenei again.)

(And ooh, I had to disable Altoholic after a while - it was too heavy for my dear old PC after all, and using portals and entering instances started taking forever - but I'm pretty sure I'll survive :P)

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